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Children, VIP at No Logo Festival

Publish 19 June 2017


This year again at the No Logo Festival, children will have an important place during these three days of festival.

Le Repaire des Enfants, a local animation team of the No Logo since its creation, is developing its service to children to make them an exceptional festival. In addition to having a dedicated space including a playground, a nap space and a cartoon space, all located in the school of Fraisans, the children will have the possibility to be VIP and have access to All behind the scenes of the festival.

Visits of the backstage, artists’ lodges, sound and lights, the children will be able to group in groups of 5, go to the site of concerts with soundproof helmets surrounded by two professional animators. They will have the opportunity to meet some of the artists in the lodge, to be photographed with them and even to have autographs.

The term VIP (Very Important People) will never be used as well, even the employees of the No Logo do not have as much access on the festival as the children.

The animation team takes care of the children for a few hours or for the day. One of the two parents who entrust their children to the team of the Den will have the opportunity to come from time to time to make a little cuckoo at its small end with presentation of its place as well as a bracelet special animation child.

Excursions on the site are not mandatory, children can also stay in the children’s playground for children of all ages. Animations adventures and festive are set up to amuse the little wolves in this weekend of party such as an adventure type Koh Lanta or Fort Boyard.

The children will have the pleasure of welcoming some local artists in a surprise visit to the children’s playground so that they can discover their passion and their musical culture. The children will be able to interact with the artists and listen to a live song just for them, all within the framework of our project “petit reporter en festival”.

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