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Escape us, make the wall !

Publish 1 August 2016




Escape to the No Logo!

The UFO of summer festivals offers you once again to transport you in another dimension: that of creation! Indeed, this year the plastic arts will be honored!

Always in the spirit of collective play we propose you to create together an original fresco in a particular way.

It is a project that will be directed by the plastic artist Sarah Williams and that will allow everyone to realize a part of the final work. Each of you will be able to paint a wooden brick, a material chosen for its recyclable side. These bricks will then be assembled one on top of the other on the festival site, thus constituting the wall on which a visual corresponding to the spirit of the No Logo will appear. Everyone bringing his “stone” to the building!

The appointment is therefore given every day on the 12th, 13th and 14th of August in Chill out, on the festival site, to free your spirit alongside Sarah and participate in a collective work!