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Focus on… Horace Andy

Publish 11 May 2018

Looking forward to the 2017 edition, Horace Andy is finally ready to set fire to the Great No Logo Stage! Also known to the general public with his band Massive Attack, he has not put aside his reggae style. Indeed, he has just released his new album Every Day People, on May 11, 2018, which we are looking forward to discover in the spotlight this summer!



To know more about it….

Horace Andy, from Kingston, is propelled to the top of the charts with the release of his title “Skylarking”. He chose his nickname in reference to one of his favorite artists: Bob Andy. In 1985, he moved to England where luck smiled at him when Massive Attack asked him in 1990 to put his air vocals on their trip hop production. Horace Andy’s contribution to the success of Massive Attack is no small one, the title “Angel” in 1998 is a version of his 1970’s title “You Are My Angel”. Thanks to this collaboration, Horace Handy released Mek It Bun in 2002, which was an honest success and allowed him to perform regularly on tour and in festivals, a success confirmed in 2007 with Livin’ it Up. In 2013, remix talents like Rob Smith or Oliver Froste took Horace Andy’s tracks and offered dub, drum and bass, or trip hop versions on the Broken Beats album. Much awaited by the No Logo audience in 2017, he had to cancel his visit for personal reasons and wanted to honour the festivalgoers with his presence this year.

It is now possible to listen to his new album “Everyday people”