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Focus on… Taiwan MC !

Publish 27 April 2020

Today, focus on Taiwan MC! This artist of the reggae ragga genre has no less than 10 years of collaborations to his name for various artistic projects, and then hooked up with the label Chinese Man Records. Thanks to his participation in the elaboration of the famous album “Racing With The Sun”, he has played hundreds of dates in France, South America and Asia. After many requests, he released his first album “Cool & Deadly” in 2016. For this 2019 edition, the artist and the label Chinese Man Records offer an exclusive show accompanied by DJ Soap, Youthstar, Miscellaneous, Paloma Pradal, Pohy, Davojah and Dapatch !

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DJ S.O.A.P is the acronym for Son Of A Pitch. A former vinyl collector, DJ S.O.A.P started composing his own productions and producing tracks and entire albums for MCs and other artists (notably Taiwan Mc).


It is within the Dirtyphonics collective that Youthstar began his career in Drum&Bass and then joined the group Chinese Man in 2014.


Miscellaneous is also one of the guests of Taiwan Mc. He is an MC and singer of the hip hop bands Fumuj and Chill Bump.


Since childhood, this young singer, dancer and composer has been immersed in the world of music. The maturity of her voice and the power of her personality leave fans of the genre and the public speechless.


Pohy is a reggae, dub, drum&bass, jungle and bassline DJ. He is also a promoter for Skank It Up and host of the show “One More Tune”. He will be performing alongside Taiwan Mc to accompany this exceptional show at No Logo this year !


A young artist from the south of France, Davojah offers in his musical creations a beautiful mix of new roots, reggae and hip hop.


During the exclusive performance led by Taiwan Mc, the artist Dapatch MC will also come on stage to accompany this moment with his warm and rhythmic flows !


All these artists are preparing an exceptional show never seen before! They are waiting for you in front of the No Logo’s main stage on the first night, Friday, August 9, 2019 !