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Focus sur… Sly & Robbie

Publish 1 June 2018

Sly & Robbie and The Taxi Gang offers us an exceptional and exclusive show on the No Logo stage on August 12, 2018. We will also have the opportunity to meet their guests Johnny Osbourne, Bitty McLean and Junior Natural who will sing with them. For now, you have to listen to their new album Militant Dub, released on June 1st!


To know more about it….

Sly and Robbie, nicknamed the Riddim Twins, are perhaps the first architects of modern Jamaican music sound. Building on the cornerstones of Studio 1 and other pioneers in the Jamaican recording industry, Sly and Robbie became the driving force behind the legendary Channel 1 sound that dominated reggae in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Their extraordinary acting and production work has also honoured the albums of many international artists such as Bob Dylan, Grace Jones, Joe Cocker, No Doubt, the Fugitives, Serge Gainsbourg, Sinead O’Connor, The Rolling Stones, and countless others.


Johnny Osbourne

Johnny Osbourne began his career in the late 1960s as lead singer of a band called The Wildcats and recorded for Winston Riley. He then sang with various groups, including Ishan People, and eventually returned to Jamaica in 1979. Winning comeback: he starts recording a lot, which will give birth to the album “Truth And Rights”, which has since become a classic. Despite a long moment of absence, he made his big comeback at the Garance Reggae Festival in 2012, the artist never ceased to perform in our regions, making people discover or rediscover.


Bitty McLean

Bitty Mclean does reggae, and his lyrics are meant to be conscious. In his youth he performed in some sound systems, but Bitty McLean’s career really began with UB40. The group quickly noticed his talent and allowed him to use the studio. It was at this time that the artist recorded some of his first hits: Dedicated to the one I Love, Here I Stand or True True True. In 2006, a prestigious collaboration was finalized: that with the famous duo of producers and musicians Sly & Robbie.


Junior Natural

The young Swedish singer was spotted by Robbie Shakespeare in a car park in Jamaica. Impressed by the wisdom and talent of the 22-year-old singer, the bassist of the Taxi Gang asked him to come into the studio with twelve songs. So here it is produced by the most mythical bass and yardie drum duo on the Militant album.