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Frequently Asked Questions

Publish 28 April 2020

Do you have a lot of questions a few weeks before the festival ?
We have tried to compile the most recurring questions we receive every year so that you can find answers to your questions!
Don’t hesitate to visit the “Practical info” tab on our site!

#1 : “I can’t find the email with my tickets and I didn’t print them … HELP !”
Don’t panic, just send an email to with the identity of those who can’t find their ticket and the email address of purchase and we’ll send you back your tickets within 24 hours !

#2 : ” I’m buying/taking over someone else’s place at the festival, but it’s not in my name, so how can I do it? “
No worries, you can absolutely come to the festival with a ticket belonging to the base to another person (whom you know and trust), the best is to come with a photocopy of the identity card of the person who bought the ticket at the base. If you buy a ticket from someone you don’t know, please go through a secure reseller/buy-back site such as

#3 : “I would like to come with a gourd/bottle to the concert site, is it possible ?”
This is only possible if your gourd is empty ! Any container filled with liquid will be emptied at the entrance of the concert site during the search because our agents will not take the time to check if your container is filled with hard or soft alcohol. You will be able to refill your gourds/bottles at the water points available on the concert site. We remind you that the intrusion of hard liquor on the concert site is strictly forbidden for security reasons. It is however allowed on the campsite.

#4 : “I have a day ticket for the festival, does that mean I can only access the afternoon concerts or does that include the evening concerts too ?”
A “day” ticket for the festival includes ALL concerts at the concert site from 3pm to 2.30am for the day corresponding to the ticket purchased.
Please note that the concerts at the campsite are only accessible to holders of a camping pass.

#5 : “I’m vegetarian/vegan and I’m coming to the festival for 3 days, would I find suitable food on your food stands ?”
Yes, the majority of our restaurants (on site and on the campsite) offer one or more vegetarian/vegan options.

#6 : “I have one (or two) day passes, could I get out of the festival site during the day ?”
No. Exits from the festival site are only allowed for the 3-day single pass and the 3-day + camping pass. For day tickets, with or without camping, any exit from the concert site is final.
For the 3 day passes, the exit is possible between 3pm and 7pm, after 7pm, all exits are final.

#7 : “Is it possible to bring my sandwich to the festival site ?”
Yes, you can without any problem bring food in your bag to eat during the concerts.

#8 : “I want to sleep at the festival campsite, we are 3 people but we’ll sleep in the same tent, so only one camping pass is enough ?”
No, it doesn’t work with the number of tents, each person wishing to access the campsite must obligatorily purchase a camping pass before the festival. When the campsite is full, it really is, we don’t sell any more accesses after having announced the full, we won’t make any exception.

#9 : “Can we bring a stove on the campsite to eat hot since barbecues are forbidden ?”
No, stoves are strictly forbidden as well as barbeques. We are aware of the inconvenience of having to provide cold meals, however, this is a safety measure decided by the prefecture and the fire protection services. If you wish to enjoy a hot meal, there are also restaurants on the campsite and you can also go and eat at the brasserie in the village of Fraisans.

#10 : “Until what time can I come and exchange my ticket for my bracelet on the first day of the festival ?”
The ticket office will close at 1am on Friday, 11pm on Saturday and Sunday, so you will have to come and exchange your tickets 3 days or camping before the closing time at the ticket office.

#11 : “I have a dog, if he stays in my camping car all day it’s OK ?”
No, our animal friends are strictly forbidden on the car parks, on the campsite and on the festival site. This is a safety measure for their comfort but also for the festival-goers. Indeed, as far as dogs are concerned, they are certainly very nice, but we cannot anticipate the behaviour of two dogs meeting for the first time, nor even their reaction if they are exposed to the crowd. We will make no exceptions.

#12 : “If I lose something during the festival, how can I find it ?” 
In case of loss, please contact the “festival reception” chalet at the entrance of the festival, at the ticket office. You will be able to declare your loss and leave your contact information, or leave a found object. After the festival, the objects not recovered will be deposited at the town hall of Fraisans which will manage their restitution on request.

#13 : “Will we be searched at the entrance of the festival ?”
Yes, a thorough search will take place before entering the campsite and entering the festival. Any dangerous object (knives, weapons, explosive object…) and any container of liquid will be confiscated at the entrance to the festival (not on the campsite). We therefore thank you to be patient when entering the campsite, to cooperate with the security/search teams, and to read the list of forbidden objects in order to save time.

#14 : “How much is the parking fee ?”
All the festival parking are free.

#15 : “I want to get two day tickets, how do I access the campsite ?”
The camping option is offered to you in step 2 of the purchase process. Be careful, if you take two days for the festival, the camping option will be proposed twice BUT you will only have to tick one of the two ! Indeed, the camping ticket gives you access to the campsite for all 3 days, so a single camping ticket is enough whether you come for one, two or three days ! Once the campsite is announced complete we no longer offer the camping option with day tickets. Please enquire before buying your place. For 2019 the campsite is now full.

Please note : to simplify your arrival at the festival, please have your tickets with you in the car so that you can present them to our teams and they will direct you to the car park that directly concerns you. If you are not able to present your ticket quickly, you will be invited to continue on your way.

If you haven’t found the answers to your questions in this compilation, don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail or call us, we’ll be happy to answer you !