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Thoughtful waste management

Publish 31 May 2017


As part of the European Sustainable Development Week, we decided to talk to you about waste today! This is a very important issue to consider when organizing an event of any size. Whether big or small, an event has an impact on our environment, we must be aware of it and make sure that we reduce considerably all the negative effects it could have.

At No Logo, it passes (among many measures) by a thoughtful and meticulous management of the waste produced by the organization and by our festival-goers.

To begin with, be aware that a team of 10 people is present for 10 days – before, during and after the festival – full-time and is entirely devoted to waste management, cleaning and public awareness.

The festival is organized upstream with a sorting company to ensure that all the waste will be sent to sorting centers for recycling.

On the festival, all the kit of the perfect festival-goer is offered: garbage bags to manage your garbage on the campsite, recycling bins, garbage cans, pocket ashtrays. Despite this, unfortunately we still find a lot of waste on the ground every day.

Did you know that while you are sleeping quietly on the campsite in the early hours of the morning, our great ecological team is busy making small ants to collect all your waste by hand? And that, after every evening. We do not wait until the end of the festival to avoid waste being buried underground by the trampling of everyone on the site.

Once the festival is over, it is a work of magnitude that awaits the team who goes during a week organize the evacuation of waste from the festival to the center of tris and then ensure the restoration of the various site and the village. Be careful to sow sod again when necessary so that the site becomes again as we found it when we arrived.

For 2017, we plan to set up compost bins in order to recover all the organic waste: leftover food from festival goers, food waste from restaurateurs … so that they know a second life to feed the animals Of a farm.

We invite you to do the same in your daily life: sort, recycle, reuse, compost! There are no small gestures for a cleaner planet.