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FAQ of the No logo

Publish 7 May 2024

You have a question question ? The answer is here !



Can my ticket be refund ?

We can’t refund or exchange a ticket (art. 16 (I) de la Directive 2011/83/UE du Parlement européen et du Conseil).
You can safly resell your ticket whit our ticket resell system here.

I Already have my ticket but now I want to sleep on the camp, how can I do ?

If you don’t check the camping option when you buy you 3 days ticket, you can send your ticket by e-mail to so we can open the camping ticketing system for you.

When can i come to the camp ?

The camp will open his doors on thursday the 8th of August.

You can park your car on the parking at 12h, exchange your ticket from 14h and install yourself from 16h.

Musical animation and animations are planned from 18h.

I’m a person with a disability, can I come to the festival ?

Our staff is particularly carefull with person with disabilities.

A specific parking his located near the festival and our team will take care abour you’re installation and access to the festival. You’ll need a disabilty card and can have one person with you.

Specifical toilets are alvailable on the festival and on the camp.

For good point of view during the shows, a specifical plateform is set near the régie for people with disabilities.

For more information, you can contact us :

I’ve lost something, what ca I do ?

Il you loose your phone, your keyes or something else, you can come to the festival entrance where our staff take care about forgotten objects.

After the festival, you can call the staff :, maybe we got youre objects !

What are the forgotten stuff during the No Logo ?

At the entrance of the festival & the camp, everyone will check a security control. Take care not to take :

On the festival :

  • Alcool
  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • beach umbrellas
  • lasers
  • weapons
  • all sharp or blunt items
  • pyrotechnical stuff
  • Profesionnal cameras or drones

On the camp :

  • Generator set
  • Chemical toilets
  • Fire, barbecue & gaz stove
  • Weapons
  • Explosives or burning products
  • Pyrotechnical stuff
  • Profesionnal cameras or drones

Can children come to the festival ?

Children bellow 6 years old are not admitted on the festival. Between 3 and 12 years old, they can go to the children garden (Only with registration). For more informations, you can check the practical informations here

Children bellow 13 years old can come freely to the No Logo. Chlidren beetween 13 y.o and 15 y.o can come but they’ll need a ticket and an acomragnying adult.

Can I Come with a dog ?

Animals are not admitted on the festival, parkings and on the camp.

How can I pay during the festival ?

You can pay in the bar with tokens available in token selling spots on the entrance of the festival ; you can pay youre tokens with cash, CB or “Pive” (local moyen from Franche-Comté)

You can pay for food, artisans and exponent with cash or CB.

There is no cash machine on the festival but a cash machine is available in Fraisans (5, place de la Liberté).

Can I go out and go in freely from the festival during the same day ?

If you have a 3 day pass, you can go In and out as you wish untill 20h, after this our, any exit is final.

If you have a single day pass, any exit is final.

How are prevention and first aid organised during the festival ?

There are few first aid stations in the festival and the camp. In case of emergency, you can speak to a staff member or a security guard which will help you.

We don’t admit discrimination, bullying, agressivity or intimidation in No Logo. In case of trouble, a gesture will help our staff knowing that something go wrong :


What can I drink or eat during the No Logo ?

There are many bar and stands in the festival and the camp. We try to valorise local food and drinks and our food, vegetarians options are available on the festival and the camp.

Est-ce que je dois imprimer mes billets ?

Must I Print my ticket ?

Whit a digital version of you’re ticket, you’ll be able to access the festival and the camp.


If you have another question, you can ask us in :