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No Logo will accept the local currency of Franche-Comté

Publish 3 July 2017

To promote the local economy and support the cooperation, it builds itself together! At No Logo, every initiative is implemented considering share and exchange.


This year, the festival and the association in Franche-Comté “La Pive” are united to allow the use of the local currency inside of the festival, encouraging everybody to reengage its currency. The festival having always been part of a logic of collective independence, it seems obvious to establish this collaboration.



The Pive is a local currency implemented by the association “ La Pive”. It’s in circulation since May 2017. It allows everybody, in all Franche-Comté, through a professional network of members, to feed his everyday life by being encouraged to consume local.


After being a member of the association, you just got to go to an exchange counter (1 Pive = 1€) to enjoy your new currency. Service providers who accept the pive are gathering in an online directory. You’ll be able to use this new currency by being sure that your spent will be good to the local economy and that it will not supply the account of a big stranger multinational.



No Logo decided to support this initiative by accepting the utilization of this currency during the festival, besides euros. With your “pives”, you will be able to buy some tokens for the bar, to shop in the merchandising stand, but also in some exhibitor stands (food service, clothes,…) indicated by a little sticker showing colors of La Pive.


By this way, you consolidate a united network of local shops and you support an ethic economy. Aren’t you a regular of La Pive ? Don’t panic ! An exchange counter will be made available from all festival-goers, you will be able to meet the association who will explain more precisely this beautiful project and will be answering to all your questions.


Don’t hesitate to watch this little video made for the occasion of the participative financial campaign organized in 2016 to help this project come alive. You’ll learn everything about la Pive ! And to not miss anything about the news, you can also find them on Facebook by clicking here.