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New in 2024 : Secure lockers with Mobile Locker !

Publish 23 April 2024


Every year, the No Logo staff find back youre glasses, your keyes, youre credit cards and other stuff… This year, we add a news service on the camp with Mobile Locker for a safe guard of youre stuff.

You can pré-save youre locker here

Tehcnical informations :

Three sides are available :

  • Little locker with USB charging system (9.5cm x 19cm x 32.5cm) : 28€
  • Larger Locker (24cm x 20cm x 32cm) : 32€
  • Larger Locker with usb charging system (24cm x 20cm x 32cm) : 44€


Lockers will be avaiable on the camp from Thursday 8th of august, 12h to Monday 12th of august, 14h.
Acces to lockers will be unlimited during all the festival
Lockers are automatics and can be share with friends !