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Organize your carpool !

Publish 2 June 2017


We took advantage of this European week of sustainable development that has just ended in order to find a solution to organize your carpool to take you to the festival. Indeed, we see a lot of people who post announcements about carpool on the Facebook’s event, but we noticed that you didn’t have a platform where you can be sure to find offers for the No Logo… Well, this time is over!


The platform Roulez Malin offers to share vacant seats in your car with other festival-goers, or to post an announcement when you are searching for a seat! It’s also the occasion to share a drive with people who have the same interests as you because, passing through the event created specially for the No Logo, you’ll be sure that the driver is also going to the festival!


Due to No Logo, we didn’t go to a car-sharing giant to propose this platform to you, but we rather did go to a human-sized team who offers not to take any commission on your drives and who gives you the choice to pay online, or personally.


So, if you have vacant seats, we invite you to create your announcement fastly on the event No Logo! We will take care to pass the information to help you find someone, because eco-friendly initiatives, we love that at No Logo!