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Being mindful, all together

Publish 1 June 2017

Sustainable development is a multitude of small actions that will gradually lead to a transition that is more just for all and more sustainable for our planet. But it is also a state of mind, a way of thinking and an awareness.

This awareness and change of mentality is only possible through exchange, sharing of experience, debate, discussion, listening …

At No Logo, we are keen to be able to offer you these moments of exchange and sharing in order to participate in awakening the consciences of each one.

To do this, in 2016, we had a marquee on the campsite under the container. We offer film broadcasts in connection with the themes of which we are dear and in particular sustainable development. You could watch the film “Tomorrow” about ecological alternatives to protect our environment; “Thank you Patron” documentary film denouncing our capitalist society, or “United for Jamaica” which tells the construction of infrastructure in Jamaica. Each broadcast was followed by a moment of exchange with the guests in order to allow each of you to express and discuss about his vision of things.

This space will be set up again in 2017 with a new selection of films and speakers! Find us on the campsite to exchange all together.