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The big survey : the floor is yours !

Publish 28 April 2020

Dear festival-goers !
You who have participated in the 2019 edition of the No Logo Festival, it’s time to make your voice heard! The big annual survey allows you to express your feelings about the edition you lived, you can give us your remarks, your ideas/requests for improvements, you also have the possibility to suggest the artists you want to see in 2020 on the stages of the No Logo !

It is thanks to your participation that each year we can try to build a festival that looks like YOU. A big thank you for your participation !

A big thank you to Mr. Stephane Laurent and his students of the promotion 12 of the professional licence Marketing and communication of the organizations of the Show, the Event and the Leisure of the IUT of Montbéliard for the help and the accompaniment in the realization of this survey.