Line up

Asian Dub Foundation

Grande Scène Y. Carou

La musique d’Asian Dub Foundation est un genre en soi. Leur fusion unique de rythmes jungle, de lignes de basse dIt is above all by the stage that the musicians and singers of Dub Inc have imposed themselves for 10 years as spearhead of the reggae scene Made in France. Their recipe, mixing an inimitable sense of melody and a human ethic carried by sincere lyrics, has allowed them to export their reggae outside the borders and to cross swords with international artists. Navigating between reggae, dancehall, Kabyle music or world music, the group is carried by the voices of Bouchkour and Komlan, and their styles as different as complementary. Whether they sing in French, English or Kabyle, the message is universal: the importance of mixing styles. And their live energy does the rest!