Line up

Collie Buddz

Fri. 19h00—20h00
Grande Scène Y. Carou

Collie Buddz is a reggae, ragga and dancehall singer/producer, famous for his hit single “Come Around” among other things. Although born in New Orleans, he was raised in Bermuda, where he was exposed to Caribbean music and reggae culture through his older brother, Matthew “Smokey” Harper. He quickly learned to work his way into the recording studio where, by the age of twelve, he was putting his voice to tape. It soon became apparent to those around him that the boy had a distinctive sounding voice. He went on to qualify as a recording engineer at the Full Sail Academy in Orlando, Florida and began his career as a singer/producer in the process. With his independent spirit guiding his journey, Buddz has traveled the world. He is constantly creating new music and experimenting with it in front of live audiences almost immediately. He will be performing at No Logo for the first time this summer !