Line up

Daara J Family feat. Faada Freddy & Ndongo D

Sun. 21h20—22h30
Grande Scène Y. Carou

Since their beginnings in the 90s in Dakar, Faada Freddy and Ndongo D. have worked to create a bridge between their culture and the rest of the world. Their committed lyrics in Wolof, English or French have always carried the hope of a better world with an unfailing optimism. Their music is born from a clever mix between the age-old traditions of Senegalese griots and the musical genres that have influenced their particular style. In a live band formation, their “energetic” hip-hop echoes their social concerns: education, ecology, child protection. The group is committed to a true African identity, for future generations, and sets off with the ardour and urgency that comes with the feeling of a mission to accomplish. Today, Daara J Family remains one of the leading groups on the hip-hop scene from Africa and one of its best ambassadors. The duo has gained in maturity and between their respective solo projects, the two childhood friends N’Dongo D and Faada Freddy, carried by the same ardour as at their beginnings and with a new creative impulse, are going back on the road and will be passing through No Logo this summer!