Line up

Danakil meets Ondubground

ft. Omar Perry & Twan Tee
Sat. 00h00—01h10
Grande Scène Y. Carou

When DANAKIL meets ONDUBGROUND, something is bound to happen! The first collaboration in 2017 has indeed surprised many fans of both collectives. The recipe is simple: starting from the tracks of the album ‘RIEN NE SE TAIT’, released last September, ONDUBGROUND deconstructs, breaks down, and comes back with “dub” versions ultra spicy “electro/bass music” sauce. Once the music is in place, the two crews call on many Mcs who come in turn to revisit the original tracks of DANAKIL, bringing their voices, their texts and their creativity! For a unique summer show at the No Logo Festival, the collectives will be accompanied by Omar Perry and Twan Tee! A live show to discover only in Fraisans this summer.