Line up

Dub Engine meets Double Spliff

Sun. 20h45—22h00
Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash

Dub Engine is a live and studio project created in 2009 by musicians Tux (dubmaster, fx) and Sabry (vocals, synth) from Bologna. Ruff bass, acid synths, infinite delays and tons of wobbles are the trademark of Dub Engine, part of this new generation of dubbers colored by various musical genres: from roots-reggae to its electronic descendants like stepper, jungle and dubstep. Deeply influenced by the new era of UK and French Dub, they have started to evolve into a new psycho-steppa style, a new original musical expression in Dub where vocals, effects and basslines explode in an intensive and high impact psychedelic sound.

Double Spliff is an Italian reggae-dub sound system and independent music label. Active since 2010, the crew always pushes towards the reggae/dub/steppa style, aiming to recreate the musical atmosphere usually found in Dub clubs while trying to cross traditional musical boundaries.