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Dub Sheperds

Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash

Dub Sheperds is two musicians with an improbable look, who put as much energy in producing their sound identity as in setting the dance hall on fire with their sound system. From Clermont-Ferrand, they might as well come from the London underground or from Jamaican studios. In live mode Dub Shepherds, it’s roots, ska, stepper, rub a dub… inhabited by a singer and lyricist connected to the triphasic: Jolly Joseph. In B side mode it is mix, hard mix… noise ? Of the dub! And always of the new, mastered by Doctor Charty, unshakeable behind the console. For the tour dedicated to their new album, Dub Shepherds will be accompanied on stage by J.A.H.N.O on drums, with whom they co-signed this opus.