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Dub Traveller

Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash

DUB TRAVELLER is a traveler who draws his inspiration from sounds coming from all over the world by proposing a style of his own entitled “Trance N Dub”. A music combining the force of the electro sounds mixed with the richness of the musics of the world and the planetary shamanic incantations. He takes us on a spiritual journey by proposing a concert focused on the elevation of all our senses both focused on the musical art but also on the visual art with incredible scenographies realized with associative actors of his locality. He is a composer filled with creativity having already to his credit 3 E.P broadcasted since its creation in 2019 of which a winner at the VICTOIRES DU REGGAE 2021! He is preparing his comeback with the release of a first album in 2022.