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Guts Dj Set

Fri. 02h00—05h00
Ch'apéro Concerts - Films - Afters

Guts made his name as a beatmaker by creating the soundtrack for Alliance Ethnik, Big Red and Svinkels. Since hip hop broke into his life, somewhere in the 80s, Guts has devoted all his time and energy to it. Pushing his perpetual musical exploration towards electro-funk, afro-disco, space jazz, in 2019, it was the idea of a return to his beatmaker fundamentals that had settled in Guts’ mind. A return to samplers and sequencing, travelling between Brazil, the Caribbean and Africa. Losing your sense of direction in an Afro trance, between the roar of the bass and the swirling percussion, swaying to dehydration on tough funk, undulating smoothly on Brazilian jazz-funk. Guts is at the controls.