Line up

KT Gorique

Sun. 16h30—17h30
Grande Scène Y. Carou

After leaving the Ivory Coast at the age of 11, KT Gorique was away from her roots and much of her family for 16 years. Struggling to understand who she was and to find her place in the world, music has always been her escape and means of expression. KT Gorique chose to adopt a hybrid sound until it stuck with her. Being of mixed race, it was obvious to her that her music had to be. She has created a unique fusion of reggae and modern hip hop, adding touches of African music, big melodies and big guitars. The choice of instruments, typical of both Reggae and Trap, combined with kalimbas, balafons and other traditional black music instruments, offers something unique in terms of sound universe. As for the punchlines, they are delivered in an even more direct and punchy way.