Line up


Grande Scène Y. Carou

After a break to focus on the creation of a new album and a new live show that promises to be exceptional, the tireless seniors of the collective L’Entourloop are back on the road, more determined than ever! The success of their latest albums with their unique “Banging hip-hop ina Yardie Style” never cease to seduce sound-system, vinyl and French classics fans around the world. The least we can say is that Sir Johnny and King James have a great ability to surround themselves. Whether it is with Skarra Mucci, Capleton, Panda Dub, or Biga Ranx, L’Entourloop has the gift to give birth to explosive and surprising feats which mark the spirits. Their singular visual creations make L’Entourloop a group of scene by essence which delivers since years of memorable shows. Not to be missed this summer on the Big Stage of No Logo!