Line up

Loba & Dub Harp

Sun. 18h00—19h30
Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash

Francesco Sannicandro aka Loba is an Italian music composer and musician. Born in southern Italy, Loba began his career as a percussionist, then learned to play the piano and use professional software for music production. This in-depth knowledge of music gave him the opportunity to create songs from scratch: from raw riddims to sophisticated melodies, quite a 360 degree approach. So what started out as a hobby has turned into a passion. His musical style is a mixture of Dub-Stepper combined with strong French Dub influences. He has created his own original style by combining innovative electronic sounds with energetic and tribal riddims. Take all these components and add some cool madness and you have a unique, borderless and forward thinking style of music.