Line up

O.B.F & Belén Natalí & Charlie P & Sr Wilson

Fri. 23h30—01h30
Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash

Active since the beginning of the 2000s, O.B.F has progressively become one of the most requested soundsystems of the international dub scene. Based between France and Geneva where it regularly organizes its “Dubquake” parties, the crew is as well known for the quality of its productions as for its ability to lead sessions of a rare intensity. Producing in studio, organizing parties, burning dancefloors, turning over big festivals, shaking small venues and scaring the internets: all this was part of the crew’s daily life. To make this night at the No logo complete, Rico O.B.F will be accompanied by the remarkable MC of the Reggae Dub uk scene, Charlie P, Sr Wilson, unavoidable Mc of the Iberian scene and Belén Natalí the Argentinean reggae singer and songwriter.