Line up


Grande Scène Y. Carou

RASPIGAOUS, is a French Reggae/Ska band, born in Marseille in 1997. The group quickly stands out from the local scene, thanks to its contagious chorus and performs non-stop. Raspigaous is a festive and very committed group, its lyrics, written by Lionel Léo Achenza, leader of the group, depict the social reality, with humor, irony and simplicity. After an 8 years break, Lionel LEO Achenza released a 4 tracks ep recorded in Marseille, with the famous Backing Band from Marseille, The Hancart, present then on the biggest European stages with Jamaican legends. Their latest album “Nouvel’R” released in 2019 shows the obvious achimy between Leo and the Hancart.