Line up

Sara Lugo & Supa Mana

Sun. 15h30—16h30
Ch'apéro Concerts - Films - Afters

Sara combines her soulful, folk-tinged voice with the sophistication of jazz and the fresh, modern edge of hip-hop, and her ability to navigate all of these worlds gives Sara the freedom to experiment with many musical styles, including pop, swing and R&B. Her unique style brings a singular flavor to the genre she cherishes most… reggae. A compulsive vinyl collector, Supa Mana fell into reggae as a child. She made her debut on stage in 2009, where she was a resident of many Parisian parties. Sparkling and dynamic, she has managed to seduce a large audience. Digital productions and an ever more powerful charisma have earned her a reputation as one of the most popular reggae producers. Both will be on the Ch’apéro stage this summer!