Line up

Steel Alive

Fri. 20h30—22h00
Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash

Steel Alive was born following an electromagnetic storm, propelling the accordion into a world of merciless Beat, Psychedelic Dub, Punk saturations and Hip Hop Polka. Created by musicians who have been on the international scene for years (and for good reason, the band comes from projects as crazy as Poutrelles Fever and The Fat Bastard GangBand), Steel Alive embarks on a journey that is both protesting and festive, singing and dancing, moving and confusing at the same time! Because the 4 corners of the globe are their main sources of inspiration, STEEL ALIVE juggles with French, English, Spanish, Creole and Arabic. Their multilingual message is meant to be universal and the music appears to be a gateway to the meaning of words. To be discovered on the Dub Factory this summer !