Line up


Sat. 22h10—23h20
Grande Scène Y. Carou

It was in reggae that TAÏRO found the means to continue the struggle of his father who, because of his revolutionary ideas, was imprisoned for four years in Morocco and then exiled to Paris. A sound system regular during the heyday of Parisian ragga, his career took off when AKHENATON recruited him for the soundtrack of TAXI 2 and exposed him to the ears of the general public with the hit “Elle Veut” from the compilation “DIS L’HEURE DE RAGGA” released in 2004. Since then, TAÏRO has become one of the spearheads of French reggae, with a huge fanbase, more than a dozen videos with several million views, and hits played all over the world. In a country torn by identity issues, he affirms a peaceful relationship with his double culture, and alternates between engaged and lighter texts. The singer was 16 years old when, after opening a French-English dictionary, he chose TAÏRO as his pseudonym: the apprentice. Always learning, that’s a beautiful philosophy of life. TAÏRO will be back on stage at the No Logo to present his new album, due out soon!