Line up

Tetra Hydro K x Jael x Bakû

Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash

This collaboration started shortly after the NO LOGO 2022 festival, where BAKÛ and JAEL played in duo before TETRA HYDRO K. The two dub alchemists, used to experiments for many years, have then proposed to the two then proposed to the two young artists to join together for a live and an album planned in June 2023. These are 3 different styles that meet to create a unique and destabilizing universe: dub and festive skanks of TETRA HYDRO K, mixed with the dark, textured and unpredictable universe of BAKÛ, then the fresh, pop and colored touch of JAEL. An eclectic album at the crossroads of styles and a live show that promises to be explosive for the 10th anniversary of the NO LOGO festival.s 10 ans du festival NO LOGO !