Line up

Tetra Hydro K

Sun. 21h00—22h30
Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash

Tetra Hydro K is the name of a secret laboratory run by Doctor Kanay and Doctor Krilong. Their research focuses on the combination of organic elements (live musical instruments) in an electronic universe. When specialists have been working on these mixtures, they have been tearing their hair out to define them: Is it electronic? Acoustic? Dub? Drum’n’Bass? Why can’t we stop dancing? The results of these chemical reactions, as you can hear with the EP “fair bass” are amazing and stunning! The duo of course came out of their lab to practice their experiments live where the audience cheered them. So don’t wait any longer to sample some of these audio substances for your ears! Their new album “Odyssey” will be released in May 2022.