Ticketing : 3 days / 1 day / shuttles

Ouverture de la
billetterie 2018 dans
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Billetterie Weezevent

Terms and conditions

No tickets will be exchanged or refunded.

Any exit is final for day passes. Exit is authorized before 7pm for those who have a 3-day pass. After this time, any exit is final.

The 3-day passes will be exchanged with optical scanning bracelets. A scan of your bracelet will be the only way to enter the festival.

Camping-passes will also be replaced by bracelets.

Any specific demand should be made by mail to this address : contact@nologofestival.com

If your request concerns the purchase of a ticket for the festival, it must be sent at least 7 days before the beginning of the festival.


To avoid fraud or fake tickets, please buy your tickets in the official No Logo selling points. Buying tickets outside these official selling points might result in a refusal of your access to the festival.


The access to the campsite is strictly reserved for people who possess a campsite pass. No campsite passes will be sold on the festival site. You must purchase your campsite passes before the festival.