The No Logo festival wants to establish a new way of consuming, with a more responsible approach. That’s why the No Logo festival is involved in an eco-responsible approach with the association  A-freak-A.

The Ambitious Freak Association’s mission.

This association is based on textiles to lead concrete actions in a very paradoxical sector : as essential as clothing can be, it is often the symbol of our excessive and frenzied overconsumption. In a context of global economic tensions, AfreakA offers ecological and ethical products in order to realize the impact of our daily actions on a global scale. We try to show that economy, society and ecology cannot be separated today. Besides, A-freak-A mainly works in cooperatives located in remote parts of Senegal and which develop traditional and handmade techniques allowing them to progressively improve in order to last as long as possible.

The commitments of the festival and A-freak-A : a less futile and more useful merchandising.

The clothes (cheichs, bags, t-shirts…) offered this year at the No Logo Festival will be concrete items to show the positive impact of fair trade. The collection conceived by A-freak-A will give the opportunity to set up development programmes in cooperatives in Senegal : professional training courses, modernization of workshops and rainwater collection.

The accessories offered on the No Logo festival site come directly from these workshops, with no intermediary.

This year, the main objective is to construct a new building for the dyeing workshop in the Ndem cooperative. This building will enable workers to collect and stock rainwater in order to use it for the dyeing process. Then, this water will be sent to a waste water recycling system.

Wearing a T-shirt and its values

The No Logo T-shirts are silk-screen printed in the Pays Basque (South West of France) and come from a short supply chain which guarantees ecological and fair means of production thanks to trustworthy labels.

No Logo commits to giving 2€ on the sale of each t-shirt, and 3€ on the sale of each sweater to the A-freak-A association. The cotton used for the No Logo T-shirts comes from organic agriculture, guaranteed by the GOTS label.

The dyes and silk-screen prints are also ecological with the Eoko label.

Moreover, the No Logo T-shirts are labeled Fair Wear, guaranteeing that all the people who participated in their making worked in decent conditions and were correctly paid.