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Films and panel discussions 2023

Publish 27 July 2023

This year, take part in round-table discussions and film screenings under the Ch’apéro.

Saturday 12th Augustu

10am – Screening of Woman by Les Valaisannes.
Woman responds to the desire to look at the world through the eyes of a woman. From there, the questions began to flow: from a little girl to an octogenarian grandmother, what are the stages in a woman’s life? Woman could be the beginning of the answer. This film takes us to the four corners of the world to meet the people who are the first to be affected: all these women with different life paths.

11:30 – Round Table: Rurality in transition: Exploring the circular economy to make rural areas resilient and sustainable with Terre de Liens, La Pive and Ndem.

La Pive : La Pive is an everyday currency that has been circulating throughout Franche-Comté since 2017. It’s a means of exchange set up by citizens and accessible to all: consumers, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs, local authorities, associations…Its aim: to promote the local economy, at the service of people, with respect for the living .

INTERVENANTE : MARIE HOCQUET – Chargée de communication et Animation

· Terre des liens :A unique combination of players from civil society, the world of agriculture and solidarity finance, the Terre de Liens movement draws its originality from the combination of an associative network active throughout France, a solidarity investment company and a public interest foundation.    https ://

INTERVENANTE : ORIANNE GUILLOU – Coordinatrice, Terre de Liens Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

· ONG de villageois de Ndem : The NGO is carrying out endogenous action to combat the economic and ecological decline of the area, which has been hard hit by rural exodus and climate change. To this end, it has gradually developed a global strategy to enhance the value of local natural resources, encouraging the emergence of ideas and practices geared towards sustainable environmental management and the rehabilitation of local know-how.     https ://

INTERVENANTS : MOUSSA DIACK – Directeur de l’ONG des Villageois de Ndem.



10 a.m. – Screening of the documentary “Pourquoi on se bat?” by Camille Etienne and Solal Moisan

Camille Etienne is 23 years old. She is an activist for climate and social justice. With her two best friends, she’s about to take to the high seas. Camille, who has been fighting to raise public awareness of the climate emergency for several years, will be setting off shoulder-mounted to film the source of her commitment: melting ice. By sharing the intimacy of their journey with the general public, in Iceland, Belgium and Savoie, Camille, Solal and Jade will also lift the veil on the biases that hinder us. Those cognitive dissonances we all struggle against, whether we’re young or old. With disarming sincerity, humor and determination, they invite us to reconsider our most entrenched certainties, to celebrate life and marvel, once again. Because today, it’s also against denial, powerlessness and feelings of illegitimacy that we must fight.

11am – Round Table: Overcoming ecological impotence by taking action with Alternatiba and Extinction Rebellion.

The “Overcoming ecological impotence by taking action” round table brings together experts and environmental activists to discuss tangible solutions to the climate emergency. It will focus on individual and collective initiatives that are having a real impact. The aim is to transform our sense of powerlessness into a driving force for change. This round table will serve as a starting point for concrete actions in favor of ecological transition, to preserve our planet for future generations.