Access Access

The No Logo festival takes place on the site of the Forges de Fraisans,
6 rue de la Cité des Forges 39700 Fraisans (Jura)

1 – Coming by bus

In order to respect the environment and improve the comfort of festival-goers, the festival organisation is setting up buses departing from Paris, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Colmar, Belfort, Besançon, Dijon, Dole, Lons le Saunier, Poligny and Arbois.

To be able to get to the festival by shuttle bus from Besançon, Saint-Vit, Dijon, Dole, Lons-le-Saunier, Poligny and Arbois you will have to reserve a place and time among the choices available on our ticket office.




In Fraisans, the departure point of the shuttle bus from Besançon is at the reception desk of the festival staff (15 rue de la Gare), at the entrance of the village. The starting point of the shuttle from Dôle and Lons le Saunier is at the tobacco shop in the village center, rue de Salans.

Thank you for respecting the times and places that you will have reserved in advance in a concern of good organization.

> Partner of the No Logo Festival, the tour operator Ontours offers packages including round trip by bus and the three-day festival package from Paris and Auxerre.
Réservations :

2 – Coming by bike

Departure from Besançon : 12 am in front of the Guinguette de la Gare d’Eau

Departure from Dijon : 8:30 am in front of the Péniche Cancale

Departure from Dole : 12:15 in front of the TGD Théâtre 1 bus stop, cours Clemenceau

Even if you are not from these cities you can join the group at the departure.

Each participant must bring his or her own bike and a lock. 2 pieces of luggage (including tent) of 10kg maximum are allowed.

Minors under 16 years old are admitted if accompanied by an adult AND with a parental authorization to be attached to the registration. Minors of 16 years and older, even unaccompanied, are admitted with parental authorization.

As the returns are made only on Monday, it is necessary to have a 3 days pass for the festival.

Bike pack from Besançon and Dole: 15€ (luggage pick-up, arrival aperitif and finisher’s t-shirt)

Bike pack from Dijon: 25€ (lunch refreshments, luggage pick-up, arrival aperitif and finisher’s t-shirt)

Informations : click here !

3 – Coming by car

Think about the environment: carpool! Don’t hesitate to propose your free places on our facebook carpooling group or via specialized websites.

Join the festival site from Dole and Besançon by the D673 or the A36 highway (exit 2.1 Gendrey). In Fraisans, turn left just before the bridge over the Doubs coming from Dampierre or Châteauneuf.

From Besançon (25km): D673 direction Dole

From Dole (30km): D673 direction Besançon– de Dijon : 55 min

– from Dijon : 55 min
– from Chalon sur Saône : 1h10
– from Chaumont 1h45
– from Lyon : 2h30
– from Strasbourg : 3h
– from Nancy: 3 hours
– from Paris : 4h
– from Montpellier: 5h15

Car parks

Two large car parks are available for festival-goers :

  • The festival car park at 50 meters from the campsite and 100 meters from the site. Accessible only to holders of a camping ticket.
  • The festival car park at 100 meters from the site.

4 – Coming by train

The nearest station is Saint-Vit, shuttles adapted to the arrival times of the TER trains will be set up to ensure your transport between the station and the festival site.

You can also choose to arrive at Besançon-Viotte train station, shuttles will be set up from Besançon city centre to the festival site (on reservation through the ticket office).

Timetable of the shuttles from the Saint-Vit train station :

  • from 1pm to 8pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • from 11am to 1pm on Monday

5 – Coming by plane

The nearest airports are :
– Bâle-Mulhouse (2h),
– Lyon (2h20)
– Genève (2h30)


Sleep Sleep

The No Logo Festival campsite is a campsite like no other! We sleep there, yes, but not only ! The festival’s organisation offers you a whole selection of activities specific to the campsite, to make your experience with us as rich and enjoyable as possible.

On the programme : a dedicated animation team, self-service board games, sports competitions, a programme of films and documentaries followed by debates/conferences with speakers, concerts every early afternoon, festive afters from 1.30 to 4.00 am and above all, a real circus tent representing the centre of life on the campsite.

With an area of more than 70.000 m2 the No Logo Festival campsite can welcome 12.500 campers. Be careful, the festival campsite being every year a victim of his success, it is important to anticipate the purchase of your camping pass. The latter is usually sold out one to two weeks before the festival each year.

To access the campsite for one, two or three nights, you must have a camping ticket purchased before your arrival at the festival. This ticket allows you to access the campsite during the three days of the festival (even if you only stay for one night, as it is a single ticket, whether you have a day pass or a 3-day pass).

The installation on the campsite will take place on Friday. You will have to go to the ticket office to pick up your campsite bracelet before entering the campsite. New : a ticket office will be set up at the entrance of the campsite near the car park dedicated to campers so that you don’t have to cross to the festival ticket office with all your stuff. The campsite will close on Monday at 2pm.

WARNING : your camping ticket will be exchanged for a wristband upon presentation of the latter AND your festival entrance ticket. No wristband will be delivered to people who do not have a ticket for the festival.

There are three zones at the camping of the No Logo festival :

1 – Regular zone

This first area is located 100 meters from the festival and is accessible to festival-goers sleeping in tents. No vehicles are allowed in this zone.

2 – Zone for converted vehicles

A camping area is dedicated to camping vehicles. No such vehicles will be allowed in the “tents” camping area. To access this area, you must have 1 camping pass per person in the vehicle. For security reasons, tent covers are not allowed in the area dedicated to camp vehicles.

Admitted vehicles : 
Converted trucks
Caravan and its towing vehicle

Unauthorized vehicles :
“Classic” cars
Estate cars
Family cars (like Berlingo, Espace, …)

3 – Teepee Village

A tepee village is set up on the campsite. His access is only possible by booking a tipi on the Bed & Smile website AND on presentation of a 3-day + camping pass.

These 100% natural cotton tipis offer a perfectly waterproof with 2, 4, 5 or 6 beds. You will have a lantern and comfortable 10cm thick foam mattresses.

The teepee village will be arranged in such a way as to bring you a privileged comfort : relaxation area in the center of the village, showers and toilets dedicated to the teepee area, recharging stations for your electrical equipment, a smiling and dynamic reception team at your during all the festival (by night, a security guard will keep the camp safe).

More information about the teepee village here.

4 – Information common to the three zones

Information Point

An information point is located in the center of the campsite for any questions or possible problems. A team is available 24 hours a day to ensure the safety and good functioning of the campsite. Campers can park their cars in the car park reserved for them, the walking time between the car park and the campsite is less than 3 minutes.


  • Water points, toilets and showers are available on the campsite.
  • Please note that the showers are collective, so remember to bring a bathing suit. They are accessible between 7am and 9pm.
  • Free lockers are available to campers at the entrance of the campsite to keep their small objects of value safe.
  • A mobile phone recharging stand is available at the entrance of the campsite. A nomadic battery can be lent to you for 20€. Each time the battery is discharged, come and charge it for free against a full one. At the end of the festival, return your battery and get your 20€ back.
  • There are also food stalls and (paying) breakfasts inside the campsite.
  • An animation team is set up to allow you to participate for free in sports and leisure activities during the morning and early afternoon.
  • A marquee has been set up in the center of the campsite, where you will find a bar, an information point and a whole program of activities (films, concerts, afters, tournaments).
  • All these services are accessible to the three zones of the campsite.
  • In the festival village, you will find a supermarket, a bakery, small restaurants, a tobacconist’s and a cash dispenser within a 10 minute walk around the campsite.

Let’s respect the environment !

To limit the negative impact on the environment resulting from the amount of waste generated during the festival, we ask campers to be eco-responsible and to manage their own waste.

Sorting bins as well as waste bins will be available at various points on the campsite. It is the duty of each festival-goer to ensure the cleanliness of his or her site and of the common areas. When leaving the campsite, campers must leave their site clean and without any waste. Each festival-goer must respect all areas of the festival, the village, and the tranquillity of all the inhabitants of Fraisans.

Safety / prevention

A rescue team is present on the campsite to take care of any person in need. A team is also present to inform, sensitize and distribute alcohol tests, condoms …

Persons with reduced mobility

An area of the campsite is dedicated to people with reduced mobility and people with handicaps (dedicated pitches & dry toilets). For any need, please contact the campsite reception. To prepare your arrival as well as possible, do not hesitate to contact the festival organisation beforehand.

Forbidden :
– There is no possibility to be connected to water and electricity on any campsite. Individual chemical toilets are forbidden.
– For safety and environmental protection reasons, generators are not allowed.
Fires and barbecues are not allowed as well as gas stoves. Any such items will be confiscated on arrival at the campsite. If you wish to get them back, you must write your name on them and go to the campsite reception on Monday 12th August BEFORE 2pm.
– We remind you that wild camping near the festival is forbidden.
– Animals are not allowed on the car park, the campsites and the festival site.
– No weapons, explosive or flammable substances are allowed.

Reminder to French legislation :
The law prohibits all trade, consumption, and possession of illegal substances.



Schedules Schedules

Friday : opening of the site at 3pm – closing at 3am
Saturday : opening of the site at 3pm – closing at 3am
Sunday : opening of the site at 3pm – closing at 3am

Warning : For holders of a day pass, any exit from the festival site is definitive. For holders of a 3-day pass, outings are allowed before 8pm, after this time, all outings are final. The exits of the 3-day passes are regulated with electronic reading bracelets.


Childrens Childrens

Access conditions for children to the festival

– Under 6 years old = access strictly forbidden
– Between 6 and 12 years old = free entrance and obligatory accompaniment by an adult (earplugs obligatory)
– Between 12 and 15 years old = entrance fee and obligatory accompaniment by an adult (earplugs strongly encouraged)


This year again at the No Logo Festival, children will have an important place during the three days of the festival.
Le Repaire des Enfants, the No Logo Festival’s local animation team since his creation, is developing his service to children to make them extraordinary festival-goers. In addition to having a dedicated area including a playground, a sleeping area and a cartoon area, all located in the school of Fraisans, children will have the opportunity to be VIP and to have access to all the backstage of the festival.

Visits of the backstage, artists’ dressing rooms, sound and light control room, children will be able, in groups of 5, to go to the concert site with soundproof helmets surrounded by two professional animators. They will have the opportunity to meet some of the artists in the dressing rooms, to have their pictures taken with them and even to get autographs.
The term VIP (Very Important People) will never be used so well because even the employees of the No Logo do not have as much access to the festival as children.

The animation team takes care of the children for a few hours or for the day, it’s up to you. One of the two parents who confide their children to the Repaire’s team will have the possibility to come from time to time to say hello to their little one with a presentation of their ticket and a special “garderie enfant” bracelet.

Excursions to the site are not obligatory, children can also stay in the playground of the “Repaire des Enfants” which is full of games for all ages. Adventurous and festive animations are set up to amuse the little wolves in this weekend of celebration such as an adventure like Koh Lanta or Fort Boyard.

Children will have the pleasure of welcoming a few local artists on a surprise visit to the playground of the Repaire des Enfants to discover their passion and musical culture. The children could exchange with the artists and listen to a live song just for them, all within the framework of our project “little reporter in festival”.

Nursery hours : 16h00-23h30 every day
Meals : we can take care of the meals provided by the parents, but we do not offer meals in the nursery area.
Access : children from 3 years old to 12 years old only. VIP access from 6 years old.
Obligatory registration by email at least 15 days before the festival :

Bars - Catering

Bars - Catering Bars - Catering


Several bars and food stands are present on the festival site. We take particular attention to the products sold within the festival grounds.

The beers served in the No Logo bars are local beers, brewed and developed especially for the festival and produced in the Jura and Franche Comté.

You will find food stalls with a varied offer on the festival site and on the campsite : Franche-Comté specialities, world cuisine, vegetarian and vegan food etc.


Payment at the bars is made with tokens that can be purchased in the sales chalets at the entrance of the site. Only the previous year’s tokens can be exchanged for new ones, the exchange is only done in the sales chalets, and not with the bartenders in the bars who are not authorized to carry out the exchange. In the chalets and in the official festival shop, we accept payment by credit cards, in cash (euros) and also in Pives (local currency Franc Comtoise).

Payment at the catering and exhibitor stands can be made in cash or by credit card (in Pives towards members and regional restaurants only).

There is no automatic teller machine on the festival grounds. An automatic cash dispenser is available in the village of Fraisans, less than 5 minutes walk from the festival.

Exhibitors / restaurateurs

Would you like to rent a stand for the 2020 edition of the No Logo festival ? Please send an email request to between February 15 and March 15, 2020. An application form will be sent to you and must be returned before 20 March 2020 to be considered and evaluated.


Reception Reception

An info point welcomes you at the entrance of the festival. There you can get a brochure with the schedules of the groups, the transport schedules, etc.

Opening hours of the info point :

– From 9am to 3am on Fridays,
– From 10am to 3am from Saturday to Sunday
– From 9am to 2.30pm on Monday after the festival

Founds objects : 

Lost object ? Maybe it has been found! Go to the info point at the entrance of the festival during the 3 days. After the festival, the found objects will be given to the town hall of Fraisans from Monday 15th August. Tel : 03-84-71-10-88


Official shop

Official shop Official shop

The No Logo festival offers an official shop with derivative products (T-shirts, tank tops, sweaters and other products in the colors of the festival) on his online shop, but also on site during the festival. We will make sure to have sufficient quantities to satisfy everyone. It is still recommended to shop at the beginning of the festival. Artists’ merchandise is on a dedicated stand next to the festival shop.

Accepted payment methods : cash (euros), Pives (local currency Franc Comtoise) and credit cards.


Prevention Prevention

Take care of yourself !

A prevention and risk reduction area will be animated by the Dole Risk Prevention Collective. Alcohol, drugs, sexuality, road and hearing risks… Don’t hesitate to come under the stand to exchange around risk taking, get free prevention and harm reduction tools (condoms, breathalyzers, earplugs…), talk with trained speakers or simply have a good time with them.

Moreover, protect yourself from the sun : Skin cancers caused by too much exposure to the sun do not spare the Jura people. We would advise you to bring sun cream, caps and other protection against strong rays.


In the case of an accident, an emergency service with doctors and first-aiders is provided within the site and on the campsite.

The staff is composed of 2 emergency doctors and about twenty first-aid nurses. They have at their disposal modern and adapted care equipment. Do not hesitate to inform a member of the team of any need for treatment, who will be able to guide you to our first-aid post.

Prohibited items

Prohibited items Prohibited items

For the comfort of all are prohibited on the festival site :

– The introduction of alcohol,
– Disposable glass and plastic bottles forbidden (empty stainless steel and hard plastic bottles allowed),
– The parasols – Laser pointers
– Weapons,
– Sharp or blunt objects,
– The items of pyrotechnics,
– Professional cameras, camcorders, drones,
– Our animal friends are not allowed on the festival as well as on the campsite and parking areas.

Reminder to the French legislation :

– La loi française prohibe tout commerce, consommation, et possession de substances illicites.



Parking and access to the site

People with disabilities can park their vehicles in a reserved parking at the festival’s entrance. To do this, you just have to follow the adapted signs and show your PRM card to the security staff.

On-site reception

People from the reception team will be there to accompany you around the festival site.
Access to the festival site is upon presentation of your entrance ticket and the one of your companion.
A dry toilet adapted for people with reduced mobility is at your disposition on the festival site.
To allow a good visibility of the concerts, a platform with an adapted access is reserved for disabled people next to the sound control room.
Be careful, in case of rain, wheelchair traffic can be difficult on the festival site.


An area of the campsite is dedicated to people with reduced mobility and people with disabilities (dedicated pitches & dry toilets). For any need, please contact the campsite reception. To prepare your arrival as well as possible, do not hesitate to contact the festival organisation beforehand by e-mail at or by phone at

Professionnal space

Professionnal space Professionnal space

Request for restaurant and exhibitor stand

The No Logo festival welcomes about ten restaurant owners and about ten exhibitors (craftsmen) during the three days of the festival. To submit an application to obtain a stand, you have to send a request by email and return the completed application form to :

Request for press accreditation

All requests for press accreditation must be made by email to Please describe the editorial project that you wish to carry out with the help of the accreditation. Your request will be studied and a positive or negative answer will be given. No photo accreditation will be issued to a photographer who is not attached to a media organisation. Thank you for your understanding.


Volunteers : Please note that we do not have volunteers at the No Logo Festival. All our staff teams are full, we are not accepting new applications. Thank you for your understanding.

Internships : We offer one long internship per year. Recruitment is closed for 2020. We are looking for an internship in broadcasting and street marketing for June and July. You can send your application to



Contact Contact

Tél. : 

For any question :

Direction & programming
Florent Sanseigne – Director/Programmer

Communication & coordination
Nicolas Miot – Communication & Coordination Officer

Célia Chaussalet – Production manager

Thibault Fellmann – Technical Coordinator