Le festival No Logo se déroule sur le site des Forges de Fraisans,
6 rue de la Cité des Forges
39700 Fraisans (Jura)

1- By bus

In order to respect the environment and to improve the comfort of the festival-goers, the organizers provide shuttles from Paris, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Colmar, Belfort, Montbéliard, Besançon, Lons-le-Saunier, Poligny and Arbois.

To come by shuttle from Besançon, Dijon, Dole, Lons-le-Saunier, Poligny and Arbois, you are requested to book a time and place among the available choices on the site of our ticket office, starting at 6€ return.


In Fraisans, the departing point of the shuttle for Besançon is in front of the “Gendarmerie” (police station), at the entrance of the village. The starting point of the shuttle for Dole and Lons-le-Saunier is in front of the “bureau de tabac” ( tobacconist’s) in the  centre of the village.

As a partner of the No Logo Festival, the tour operator Ontours offers formulas including the return journey by bus and the 3-day pass for the festival, departing from 6 towns in France : Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse, Belfort-Montbéliard, Châlon-sur-Saône and Mâcon.




Please respect the schedules and the places you book in order to facilitate the organisation.

2- By car

Respect the environment! Use car-sharing! You can offer your spare seats on our facebook page  or on specialized sites.

Get to the festival’s location from Dole and Besançon on the D673 or the A36 motorway (exit 2.1 Gendrey). In Fraisans, take a left before the bridge over the river Doubs when you come from Dampierre or Châteauneuf.

From :

  • Besançon (25km) : D673 direction Dole
  • Dole (30km) : D673 direction Besançon
  • Dijon : 55min
  • Chalon sur Saône : 1h10
  • Chaumont : 1h45
  • Lyon  : 2h30
  • Strasbourg : 3h
  • Nancy : 3h
  • Paris : 4h
  • Montpellier : 5h15


Car parks

Two large car parks are available to festival-goers :

  • The campsite car park, 50 metres away from the campsite and 100 metres away from the site. Accessible only with a 3-day pass with camping option.
  • The festival-goer car park, 100 metres away from the site.


3 – By train

The closest train station is Saint Vit. Shuttles scheduled to correspond to TER train arrivals will be available to get you to the site.


You can also arrive from the Besançon train station : shuttles will be organized from the Besançon city centre to the festival (if you book them on our ticket office site).

Shuttles from Saint Vit train station :

  • from 1pm to 8pm on 11th, 12th and 13th August.
  • from 11am to 1pm on 14th August.

4 – By plane

The closest airports are

  • Bâle Mulhouse (2h)
  • Lyon (2h30)
  • Geneva (2h30)


In 2016, the size of the campsite was doubled and its maximum capacity was 8,500 people per day. To 2017, the capacity is 10,000 people per day. The festival’s organization has done everything to give you more comfort and provide optimal security. Many new activities will be offered on the festival’s campsite. Discover its atmosphere in this little video from 2016!



The campsite’s accessibility has changed. Now, to access the campsite for one, two or three nights, you will need to possess a campsite ticket bought before your arrival at the festival. This ticket enables you to access the campsite during the three days of the festival.

If you don’t buy a 3-day pass, you will have to ask for a buying code for your access to the campsite. Send us an email :

Installation on the campsite will be possible from 10am on Friday 11th 2017. You will have to come and see us at the main desk so we can give you your pass before entering the campsite. The campsite will close on Monday 14th at 2pm.

WARNING : your campsite ticket will be exchanged for a pass on presentation of this ticket and your ticket for the festival. No pass will be given to those without a festival ticket .

There are three zones in the No Logo Campsite

1 – The regular zone

This first zone is 100 metres away from the festival and is only accessible to festival-goers who sleep in tents. No vehicles are allowed in this area.


2 – The zone for camper vans

A campsite is provided for camping vehicles. None of these vehicles will be allowed on the “tent zone”. To access this area, you must possess one campsite pass per person. For security reasons, no tents are allowed in the camping vehicles area.

Authorized vehicles :

Camper vans
Trucks equipped with sleeping facilities
Caravans and their towing vehicles

Non-authorized vehicles :

“Regular” cars
Estate cars
People carriers (Berlingo, Espace…)

3 – The Teepee Village

A teepee village is set up on the campsite. You can only access this area after booking a teepee on the Bed&Smile website AND if you have a 3-day pass + campsite.

These 100% organic cotton teepees provide a 14 square metre waterproof area with sleeping accommodation for 5. You will be given a lantern, a padlock to secure your teepee and 5 mattresses.

The Teepee Area is organized to provide you with a privileged comfort : a relaxing area in the centre of the village, an information crew ready to help you and electric charging hubs to charge all your electrical appliances.

Warning : you cannot book sleeping accommodation for one in a teepee. You must book the entire teepee and choose the people sharing the teepee with you. It is also impossible to book a teepee for only one night. Bookings can only be made for 3 days.

4 – Information concerning all zones.

Information centre

The information centre is located in the middle of the campsite for campers who have a question or a problem. Our crew is available 24h/24h for the security and the well being of all campers.

Campers can park their cars on the car park provided. It is only a 10-minute walk away.


  • A water supply, toilets and showers are available on the campsite.
  • The showers are collective, so remember to bring a swimsuit. Showers are open between 7 a.m to 7 p.m
  • Free lockers are available for campers at the campsite entrance. You will be able to charge your electronic appliances and to store your valuables in a safe place. If you have questions about the lockers, please contact Biker Box.
  • Snack and breakfast stands will be available inside the campsite.
  • An entertainment crew will be present inside the campsite. Free exercising and games will be available inside the campsite in the morning and early afternoon.
  • You will find a big circus tent in the centre of the campsite, with a bar, an information centre and a place for debates and conferences.
  • All these facilities are accessible for all 3 zones of the campsite.
  • In the village, you will find a supermarket, a bakery, a bar, small restaurants, a tobacconist’s and a cash machine, only 5 minutes away from the campsite.

Respect the environment.

In order to reduce the ecological impact of the festival’s waste, we ask the campers to deal with their own waste.

Sorting skips and bins will be provided for campers. Campers are requested to keep their camping spots clean, as well as all the public areas on the campsite. Before leaving, all campers should leave their space clean and keep the festival clean, as well as the neighbouring village.

Security / prevention

A medical team is present on the campsite in case of emergency. Another team is also present to inform, raise awareness and give out breathalyzers and condoms.

Disabled festival-goers.

A zone of the campsite is dedicated to disabled people : disabled toilets and facilities. For any information, ask at the campsite’s main office.

What is forbidden?

  • it is impossible to connect to water or electricity supplies on any of the 3 campsites. Individual chemical toilets are forbidden.
  • For security and environmental reasons, generators are not authorized.
  • Campfires and barbecues are forbidden, as well as gas cookers. Any of these items will be confiscated on your arrival at the campsite. If you want them back, you will have to write your name on the items and go to the campsite main office on Monday 14th August BEFORE 2pm.
  • We remind you that camping outside of official sites is forbidden around the festival.
  • Animals are not allowed on the car parks, the campsite or on the festival.
  • Weapons, explosive or flammable substances or also prohibited.

French legislation.
French law forbids consumption, trade or possession of any illicit substances.




Friday 11th August : opening time : 3 pm, closing time: 3 am
Saturday 12th August : opening time : 3pm, closing time: 3am
Sunday 13th August : opening time : 3pm, closing time: 3am

Warning : for people who have a day-pass, any exit from the festival site is permanent. For those with a 3-day pass, exits are authorized before 7pm. After this time, all exits are permanent. 3-day pass exits are regulated thanks to electronically-controlled bracelets.




Children’s access conditions to the festival

  • Under 6 years old = access is strictly forbidden.
  • From 6 to 12 years old = free entry with compulsory presence of an adult (ear plugs also compulsory)
  • From 12 to 15 years old = paid entry with compulsory presence of an adult (ear plugs highly recommended)

Day nursery

A free day nursery will be available to parents if they want to leave their children (aged 3 to 12) and enjoy the No Logo festival.

The professional team from the Repaire des enfants will offer various activities so that the youngest have a good time and also enjoy the festivities.

“Child activity professionals with over 10 years of experience with children of all ages, backgrounds and cultures will welcome your children. We have years of experience providing games, parties, emotions, laughs, memorable and cheerful moments to families. Great experiences where your children will turn into heroes, magicians, fairies or princesses… Adventures where they will play a central role in enchanting scenery, making sure all your children’s dreams will come true”


Nursery opening times : 4.30pm to 11.30pm.
Meals : we can deal with the meals the parents supply but there is no catering service at the nursery.
Access : for children between 3 and 12 years old only.

Your must ABSOLUTELY register by email BEFORE the festival :



What’s on offer?

Many bars and food stands are present at the festival. We carefully select all products sold on the festival site.The beer served in the No Logo bars is local and specially brewed for the festival. It is produced in the Jura by the Rouget de l’Isle breweries.

Some of the restaurants are “Franc Comtois” (serving local and typical dishes of the region). We make sure the food is of the best quality and the offer as varied as possible.

How to pay?

Payment at the bars is possible thanks to tokens you can buy in the chalets at the entrance of the festival. Paying by credit card is possible.

Payment at the food stands and restaurants is possible by cash or credit card.

There is no cash point inside the festival. A cash point is available in the village, only a 5-minute walk away.

Exhibitors and restaurants

Do you want to rent a stand for the 2017 No Logo Festival? Please send an email to between 25th February and 25th April 2017. You will be sent an application file and you will have to return it before 30th April.



Receptionists at an information desk will welcome you at the festival entrance. You will be able to find the brochure informing you about the times bands will perform, the shuttle schedules, etc…

Opening hours of the information desk :

  • from 9am to 3pm on Friday.
  • from 10am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • from 9am to 2.30pm on the Monday after the festival.

Lost and found :

Lost something? It may have been found! See you at the reception desk at the entrance of the festival during the 3 days. After the festival, lost and found items will be left at the Fraisans “mairie” ( town hall) on Wednesday 16th August 2017. Tel : 03-84-71-10-88



No Logo offers merchandising (T-shirts, tops, sweaters and other items in the colours of the festival) in its online shop, but also at the festival. We will make sure we provide enough items to satisfy everybody. However, you are advised to buy your merchandising at the beginning of the festival. Artists’ souvenirs are available next to the festival’s merchandising stand.

Payment : cash and credit card.




Take care of yourself !

A risk prevention stand will be organized by the risk prevention association of Dole : alcohol, drugs, road safety and risks of hearing damage…. Please come and have a look and speak about the various risks, get free prevention tools to reduce risks (condoms, breathalyzers, ear plugs…) or simply have a good time with trained risk professionals.

Moreover, please use sun protection : skin cancers due to too much sun exposure can affect anyone and everyone.

We advise you to use sun protection and caps to avoid sunburn.

Emergency services

In case of accident, emergency services with doctors and first-aid personnel are present at the festival and on the campsite.

The staff is composed of two emergency doctors and around 20 first-aid staff. They are all equipped with perfectly-adapted, modern safety tools.



Forbidden objects

For everyone’s comfort and safety, some items are forbidden on the festival site :

  • alcohol and empty containers (plastic bottles, camelbacks, flasks…)
  • glass bottles
  • parasols
  • laser pointers
  • any dangerous object (sharp objects, weapons, flares and bangers or any pyrotechnical devices. Any objects which could be used as projectiles are also forbidden.)
  • Professional cameras and video cameras are forbidden (except for authorised photographers who have asked for their photographer pass.) All recording devices are forbidden.
  • Animals are forbidden at the festival and on the campsite.

Reminder of French law :

  • French law forbids trade, possession and use of any illicit substance.

Disabled people

Car park and access to the site

Disabled people can park their vehicle on a reserved car park near the entrance of the festival.

You just have to follow the signs and show your disabled card to the security staff.

Reception on the site

Reception staff will be present to take you to the site of the festival.

Access to the festival is possible after showing your ticket and the ticket of your support assistant.

Dry toilets are also planned for disabled people on the festival.

In order to see the concerts correctly, a platform with a disabled access is reserved for handicapped people, next to the sound control unit.

Warning : in case of rain, moving around in a wheelchair can become really difficult.



Image reproduction rights

A team of photographers will be present during the festival. They may take pictures of you at the festival so as to use them for our communication, social networks and website. If a photo of you is published and you want it removed, please send a written request by mail to We will remove the picture as quickly as possible.



Tél. : 

Communication and press accreditation :

Various information :

Direction and programmation :
Florent Sanseigne – co-director
Michel Jovanovic – co-director


Charlotte Guillot – public relations manager / press relations
Nicolas Miot – community manager
Tristan Fellman – graphic designer
Joffrey Parisot – webdesigner

Roland Druez – stage manager
Thibault Fellman – stage manager
Lucie Rozé – artists reception
Mathieu Samin – stage manager