Our history

The No Logo Festival, which in just a few years has become the biggest reggae festival in France, was created in 2013. In just forty days, the festival was up and running for his first edition on 14 & 15 August 2013, on the emblematic site of Les Forges de Fraisans in the Jura. Coming from the world of reggae music, our programmer took up the challenge of welcoming the biggest names on the international reggae scene to the heart of the Jura from his first edition!


But why “No Logo” ??

In addition to the desire to set up a festival with a reggae aesthetic, the organization wanted above all to develop a totally independent event, based on the unique adhesion of the festival-goers to the project. In addition to the desire to set up a festival with a reggae aesthetic, the organization wanted above all to develop a totally independent event, based on the unique adhesion of the festival-goers to the project. A festival that would not depend on the goodwill of public institutions to grant subsidies, that would not be subject to lobbying by large multinationals that would impose their communication everywhere on the festival, and finally, a festival that would not have to grant excessive privileges to major patrons. In short, a festival that belongs only to his festival-goers.


It’s up to you to decide

Very quickly, a sentence was revealed to explain the soul of the No Logo Festival: “It’s up to you to decide “. It’s simple, clear and precise: if the festival works, it’s thanks to the festival-goers. If the festival stops tomorrow, it will be only because the festival-goer has decided it. And the surprise was huge when for the first edition of the No Logo, no less than 9,000 people a day decided to join the concept when only 5,000 were expected.

It is resolutely the support and enthusiasm of the festival-goers that gave the energy to the No Logo Festival to develop little by little over the last seven years. Now, no less than 15,000 people a day for three days gather at the festival to spend a great convivial festival. We are grateful, very close and attentive to the community that has developed around the festival. It’s with your commitment and together that we celebrated, in 2023, the 10th anniversary of the No Logo Festival. Now, the adventure will continue with the 11th édition of the No Logo Festival, “Rendez-vous” the 9, 10 & 11 of august 2024 !

Our values

Being independent

The strongest value of the No Logo Festival is undoubtedly his assertive choice of independence. We have fully chosen to work without any public subsidy and without any private sponsorship or patronage, in order to create a festival that truly belongs to his festival-goers.

Being committed

For the festival team, it’s all together that we can do great things. It’s by being united, listening and tolerant that each of us has the power to change mentalities on social issues that are anchored in our century. This is why No Logo is the spokesperson for strong causes to bring his contribution to the building of change.

Being supportive

We believe deeply in solidarity, which is why we give visibility to strong solidarity initiatives every year. A long-standing solidarity action is brought to the festival: that of supporting the development of two reintegration centers for young people in the Dakar region of Senegal.

Developing the local economy

Developing the local economy is important to us, we want our event generates wealth for the actors of our region and for small businesses and associations. This means accepting the local Franc-Comtois currency at the festival, hiring 90% Franc-Comtois staff, or not using any large drinking groups for our bars, but only local brewers.

Thinking sustainably

Respect of the environment is one of the strong values of the festival. The whole organization team is very attached to try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, in accordance with the means of the festival. The No Logo Festival therefore tries to do his best to improve every year on the path of sustainable development.

Sharing the wealth

No Logo does not want that his festival be an event that only benefits his organization, but an event that has a positive impact on the local and regional economy. That’s why at No Logo you won’t find any volunteers, all the staff is hired because one of the strong principles of the festival is to remunerate anyone working on the event.