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Waste management at the No Logo Festival

Publish 8 March 2023

Today, it’s impossible not to notice the consequences of global warming. Lack of water and resources, heatwaves – the list goes on and on. Faced with this alarming situation, the No Logo Festival takes its environmental impact very seriously. The entire organization team is deeply committed to the ecological cause, and is committed to sustainable development. To reduce its impact, each year the organization team implements new initiatives to the best of its ability. In 2022, the festival team decided to create a sorting platform directly on site.


What exactly is a sorting platform at the festival?

The No Logo Festival campsite accommodates 12,500 campers over 3 days, creating a real city in the fields of Fraisans. Garbage bags are distributed to festival-goers as they arrive, with red for household waste, yellow for all recyclable packaging and green for glass. However, the sad fact was that most of the recycling bins were incinerated. There were many reasons for this: poor communication between the festival, the waste management company and festival-goers, resulting in incorrect sorting in the yellow bags, which prevented them from being taken away. To remedy this problem, we decided to set up an on-site sorting platform with a dedicated team to check each yellow bag and remove non-recyclable waste, while raising awareness of good practice through more visible and visible communication.


The results of this sorting platform

Hundreds of bags were re-sorted by our ecology team, representing 880 kg of cardboard and 2,660 tonnes of sorted packaging. It’s a first step that’s already visible, and one that can be developed further over the coming years!


How can we help our ecology team with waste management?

  • Don’t forget that these small individual gestures can really have a positive impact

    Collect extra rubbish bags from the campsite reception when you run out.

    Empty your packaging completely and sort it carefully, using the various signs on the festival site as a guide.

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