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Carte Blanche : Dubquake Records

Mysticwood x Charlie P x OBF x Iration Steppas
Dub Factory By Dub Master Clash


Dubquake Records

The crew has therefore decided to pay homage to these evenings by launching the label of the same name, which will aim to release vinyl records of artists who have participated in the famous Swiss dances. Exclusive carte blanche at the No Logo Festival for participating artists to help grow the label:

Mysticwood feat. Davojah


Blending classic Dub, stepper, roots, and even more industrial and deep sounds, Charlie Mystic invites you this summer for an analog set with guest Davojah on the mic to unveil their joint EP to be released on Mysticrecords. 

Charlie P


Nourished by the sound system culture and vibes of the Jamaican diaspora, Charlie P is considered a prodigy of the sound system, blending Jamaican-style singing and DJing for a set at the root of reggae: vibrant, organic, introspective, questioning society for a rendezvous in search of inner peace and good vibes, enough to enchant the No Logo Festival.

O.B.F x Iration Steppas


Two major references of the international dub scene join forces to shake up the No Logo! O.B.F x Iration Steppas is the live set that brings together O.B.F, the most warrior and prolific dub producer in France, and Iration Steppas, the historical pillar of the UK soundsystem scene. Here, we’re talking about dub laid down on the tracks without compromise, a dub composed without concessions destined to be played with madness and intensity to make hearts and bodies vibrate to the rhythms of a dizzying dub version.