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From waste to art, there is only one step

Publish 7 July 2016


The big problem of over-consumption, waste, over-packaging … Certainly, you’ve already heard about it. Well while waiting for industries to reduce the packaging of their products, some people find alternatives to help transform the waste that today’s society is struggling to manage.


The key word? REUSE!


Yes, a used object can have a second life! Either by transforming it into something else useful, or by deciding to create artistic works with. This reuse of waste in the service of art is the project of Nat Ma and the Enguirlander. Two artists who will come to invest the site of No Logo to bring a bit of poetry and show that starting from nothing, it is possible to make beautiful things, simple but which make look higher.


A collaborative work totally eco-responsible


Better than a morality on sorting and waste management, Nat Ma and l’Enguirlandeur sensitize and bring a different perspective on the concept of waste by offering a real visual spectacle on the festival, all in a participatory way. The artists will be present every day on the festival campground to set up participative creative workshops with, as raw material, the waste produced during the festival!

While waiting to discover all this on the 12th, 13th and 14th of August, visit the heart of the studio of Nat Ma in video :