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Survey 2019 : the results!

Publish 27 April 2020

“It’s up to you to decide”, if this sentence came out of our minds 6 years ago to define the festival’s line of conduct, it hasn’t aged a day!
It remains THE red thread that we keep in mind all year long during the preparation of the next edition. To listen to you and make each edition of the No Logo Festival always look a little more like you and meet your expectations. To do this, the essential point for us is to have your feedback. We read each of your messages / comments / emails with a lot of attention and always listen to you with pleasure on the phone. But the most important time of the year for us is the big satisfaction survey.


Our survey has been in existence since 2015 and is published in November on all our social networks.
Thanks to your enthusiasm to express yourself, the sample of respondents represents 10% of our festival-goers, a great basis for discovering what you think.
You are therefore 2000 people who have expressed their opinions on the 2018 edition, spending an average of 13 minutes answering our long questionnaire. THANK YOU !
As we are not experts in satisfaction surveys at the grassroots level, we have approached the Licence Professionnelle Marketing et communication des Organisations du Spectacle de l’Événementiel et des Loisirs de Montbéliard, directed by Stéphane Laurent, who has been working with us for 4 years in the creation of the survey and, above all, in the analysis and interpretation of all your answers. Here are the results of the 2018 study.

Many thanks to all the students of the licence for the infography and videos created to relate the results of this survey. Congratulations to Jade Patrier who proposed the infography chosen to present these results to our public, and thanks to Lonella Peronnet for the modifications made.

1. Festival ID card
The first important thing for us is to know our audience, and we are proud to discover through the survey, but also through the study of our audiences on social networks, that we are at an almost perfect parity between women and men ! We are also very happy to discover that our festival-goers come from almost all the French departments! Burgundy – Franche Comté is still strong, but we can see that the festival has more and more national influence. Let’s not forget the share of foreign festival-goers, which represents 4.6% of our festival-goers, of which our Swiss friends represent 76.5%! On the transport side, cars are still in pole position and car-sharing reaches a small 17%. Do you dare to reach 25% next year? Don’t forget to join our group to propose your free tickets:


2. The festival in general
We also asked you what you thought about the programming of our two main scenes, you gave us a score of 5/6 for the big scene and 6/6 for the Dub scene!
We try to listen to you as much as possible in the creation of our different programming each year, so our line-up is normally made up of your ideas and suggestions, and given your satisfaction, we’ll keep it up! And even if the concerts remain the sinews of war in festivals, you seem to like the No Logo for much more than that, and that makes us feel good! You talk to us about joy, independence, freedom, sharing, respect, love … THANK YOU !
You have appreciated the welcome you have received at the festival, our offer of drinks and food, the festival site and the security that reigns there. 85% of you have chosen the 3-day pass in 2018, proof that the No Logo is an experience that is 100% lived! In fact, 87% of you said you would come back in 2019!


3. The campsite
Then we asked you about the festival campsite, that special world that brought together more than 11,500 campers in 2018. It seems that there is a really nice atmosphere there, considering the great score of 9/10 that you gave us! And the campsite is obviously 3 days also for 90% of you! You particularly appreciated the afters under the Ch’Apéro until 4am, the marching bands or the afternoon concerts. 98% of you want to come back to the campsite in 2019 !


4. Economic Impact Study
Small news, we wanted to focus on the local economic spin-offs generated by the festival and his audience (you) within a distance of 20km around Fraisans. We could have based our study on Franche Comté to go further but we decided to start locally for the moment. We are pleased to announce that you are helping to inject 1 million euros into the local economy, while the festival does not ask a single cent from the taxpayer in the absence of any public subsidy. Through the various expenses you make outside the festival in Fraisans and the surrounding communes and at the local food stalls, each of you contributes €25 or €700,000 to the local economy over three days. Not counting salaries and service providers (mostly Franc Comtois), the Festival spends 300.000€ in a distance of 20km around Fraisans. This brings the nice amount of one million euros generated by the presence of the No Logo Festival in the Jura landscape.


5. Your wishes for 2019
Through this survey, you have given us your opinion at length and explained your lifestyle and consumption habits at No Logo. But you also had the opportunity to tell us about your desires !
Let’s start with the music and styles you want. We’re reassured to see that you always come down to reggae and Dub, the two main styles at No Logo. But you’re not against a bit of Ska, Hip Hop, or even electro. That’s why every year we allow ourselves a few small openings in our programming ! Speaking of prog’ by the way, you asked us in top 4 on the Dub scene artists like Panda Dub, Rakoon, Kanka or Tetra Hydro K. So we’re not going to offer you the same ones every year, reason why Panda Dub and Rakoon will not be there in 2019 because they’re already present in 2018 but Kanka will be with us as well as Tetra Hydro K but on the big stage for them ! On the big stage, you ask for them every year, so here is the return of Dub Inc at the No Logo in 2019. Alborosie and Taïro will also be there, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to see Naâman at the No Logo ! Of course, we didn’t stop at the top 4 of each scene, the whole list has been studied and we practically proposed you only artists who came out in the survey.
On the improvement side, you want us to rethink the space of the Dub Factory scene. It will be done, we are currently working on it!
Women also want more search lines for women, and we fully agree with you. We’ve asked to have more women on our security staff. We will also add more toilets on the concert site and we will expand the Chill Out space !
See you in 2019 to find out all the changes ?